Jefferson High School Class of 1969 
50th Class Reunion

Jefferson High School, Edgewater, Colorado

Missing Classmates

Do you know any of these folks?

If you do, email Lois Wilson at with the name(s) and contact information.   

This is a current list of classmates that we have not been able to locate (Last updated on February 7, 2019).


Anderson, Donna 

Beck, Beverly Ann

Biesenberger, Marlane Jo 

Bollard, Linda Jo Ann

Brink, Constance Suzette

Brown, Cindy Kay

Burnett, Paula Sue (Married name: Polkowski)

Butler, Howard

Cahalan, Dorothy Susan (Married name: Scott)

Childs, Barbara Jean

Davis, Timothy William

Deitz, Paula Faye

Dire, Karen Lou (Married name: Mills)

Donohoe, Richard Michael

Elder, Patricia Kay

Feeney, Doug Newton

Fentress, Marilyn Kay (Married name: Morrow)

Glass, Stephany Kay (Married name: Elliot)

Goheen, Mary Lou

Goodner, Dorothy Jean

Hammelmann, Christel May

Hammond, Victoria Lynn (Married name: Greer)

Harris, Michael A.

Harrison, Linda Marie (Married name: Hoskins)

Herrman, Linda Ann

Holland, Kerry Jean

Horn, Edward G.

Hughes, Norman Lee   

Hurley, Dale R.   

Kaufman, Susan Naomi   

King, Linda Diane   

Lane, Louis   

Lavender, Gary Reid   

Loyd, Mary Elizabeth   

Martin, Janie Lorene   

Miller, Edwin Andrew   

Miller, Gayle Arlene   

Mitchell, Diane Lynn (Married name: Peck)

Mitchell, James R.    

Moon, Beverly   

Moore, David D.   

Mueller, Jeannie Paulette   

Mulmann, Andreas Von   

Murray, Linda Katherine   

Newcome, William S.   

O'Neall, James D.   

Overton, Janette Marie   

Page, Donald "Steven"   

Porter, Gloria Jean   

Procter, Mark L.   

Prythero, Dawn Louise (Married name: Lewis)

Ritz, Paul William   

Roche, James R.    

Schutt, Jeffrey Clark   

Shepard, Judith O.   

Simmons, Carrie Louise   

Spillane, Patricia Kay   

Taylor, Robert James   

Tibbels, Patsy Elaine  

Tucker, John   

Turner, Ricky Albert   

Wendt, James Howard   

Wendt, June Ann   

Williams, Lyn (Married name: Martin)

Wilson, James Merrill   

Wilson, Patricia Susan   

Wood, Danny Eugene   

Wood, Virginia A.   

Young, Danny A.